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Readin documentation portal


Turn documents into professional web pages for easy access and effortless readability on all devices. The Readin SharePoint plugin lets you publish your document libraries to professional easily accessible documentation portals.

Always accessible

Today a lot of companies have a lack of accessibility for their most important documentation. SharePoint as a document management solution is great, but it is not a great solution for the users to find and read documents. With Readin you provide a user friendly and easily accessible documentation portal.

Regardless of whether your users are employees or customers, they deserve a professional documentation portal.

  • Custom document sites make it easy to find relevant and tailored information for user groups.
  • Access important documents wherever you are.
  • Works on all devices.

Boost quality

Your documentation is only as good as how your users adapt the content.

The quality and security of the work to be done is often correlated with accurate and updated documentation. Readin documentation portals have unique features to ensure quality and security.

  • Track and ensure that documents have been received and read.
  • Users and user groups are notified of any changes to important documents.
  • Users can provide feedback on errors and suggest improvements in the documents.

Increase competence

Boost user confidence in understanding important content correctly.

Documentation and courses are the main drivers for increasing a user's competence. Instead of e-learning courses or classroom courses Readin documentation portal have a quiz feature that lets you easily gamify your important documents for better learning and increased competence.

  • Questions with multiple-choice answers directly into the document. Obtain immediate feedback for optimal learning.
  • Enabling the imlementation of measures for improvements.
  • Boost user confidence in understanding important content correctly

Effortless implementation

Readin documentation portal gives an effortless implementation, and you are up and running in no time. Build custom documentation sites and get started with fewer resources and less effort.

  • Use software you already have, like SharePoint and Microsoft Word.
  • Readin documentation portal is a SAAS and no installation is required.
  • Our predefined templates get you up and running in no time



SharePoint plugin

Publish your documents directly from SharePoint. Readin SharePoint integration lets you publish your documents to the web with a single click.


Document metadata for indexing, filtering, organizing and automation.


Create user-specific document portals that present content most relevant to the user based on roles.

Compound documents

Add many documents and files to be presented as one document.

Document organizer

Organize and structure your book collections.

Health report

Detect all broken links, custom styles, incoming links from other documents and personals related to each document.


AI assistant

Empower users with instant assistance and self-service capabilities. Ask questions and receive answers from your documents, always ensuring accuracy and credibility.

Notice of change

Update your readers of any changes to your documents with Readin’s notifications feature. Users and groups can subscribe to updates on specific documents of their choice.


Readin supports annotations – additional content that can be added to a document. Call them intelligent sticky notes.


Bookmark your favorite documents and pages for easy and fast access.

User based revision

Users can provide feedback on errors and suggest improvements in the documents from the user based revison annotations.


Enhance the learning experience by incorporating questions with multiple-choice answers directly into the document. Obtain immediate feedback for optimal learning.

Recent read documents

Quick access to recently read documents. The system keeps track of the users’ latest reads across all devices.


Print documents from our PDF-converter.


Each paragraph in a document is directly accessible with unique identifiers.

Highlight text

Highlight text and track all your highlighted content.



Readin automatically adapts its interface and your content to the size of the device. Whether it’s a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone, the user reading experience is optimized.

Continuous reader

Readin offers virtual and infinite scroll to dynamically stream content while users read. It hides the underlying structure and saves users from having to click their way through your content.

Versions and variants

Quick access to older versions of a document. Readin revision feature keeps track of all historical versions and variants of a document. Perfect when you need to read an older version of a document.

CMS, security and analytics

Single Sign-on

Single sign-on (SSO) identification method enables users to log in with one set of credentials. SSO streamlines the authentication process for users.

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that requires the user to provide two or more verification factors to gain access to Readin.

Link Checker

Readin Link Checker crawls through the documents, identifying broken links and provides you with a detailed report.


Readin Analytics captures users’ behavior to provide insights. The data is presented in an easy to use dashboard for data-driven decision making.


Upload files (Word, PDF, xls, mov and more) to Readin CMS for publishing without SharePoint.


Upload and store files as attachments in Readin storage.

Access right management

Define specific access rules and ensure users could only see what they were supposed to.

Read confirmation

Read confirmation enables users to acknowledge document reading and aiding managers in compliance tracking.


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