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Technical documentation

The Importance of Document Portals in Technical Documentation

The market for technical documentation software is primarily focused on document management rather than document presentation. Document portals are equally cruical as it improves the overall usability and experience of your product or service. Document management vendors neglect the readers by only providing them with PDFs as a presentation format, which can be unappealing and difficult to read, leading to a poor user experience.

Everything at one place

Readin collects and consolidates all of your product and technical documentation into one accessible document portal. Users can easily retrieve, locate, and peruse the relevant content on any device, enabling them to perform their tasks effectively. Readin documentation portal is a accessible place for searching, finding and reading technical documentation.

  • Product Documentation
  • User Manuals
  • Installation Guides
  • Technical Specifications
  • Troubleshooting Guides

SharePoint integration

The Readin document portal seamlessly integrates with other systems, such as SharePoint, enabling users to utilize their existing document management and text editors for dynamic publishing without disrupting the writing process. The integration of the Readin document portal with SharePoint enables fast and accurate updates to documents, ensuring reliable results for presentation within the document portal.

Easy access to information

Ensuring accessibility in technical documentation is crucial for providing all users, regardless of their devices, with barrier-free access to the information. The Readin document portal offers seamless access on mobile, tablets, and PCs, ensuring an easy flow for reading. Additionally, good indexing and metadata enhance the search experience, making it easier to find multiple documents and obtain more accurate and efficient search results.

Key features


SharePoint plugin

Publish your documents directly from SharePoint. Readin SharePoint integration lets you publish your documents to the web with a single click.


Access right management

Define specific access rules and ensure users could only see what they were supposed to.


Notice of change

Update your readers of any changes to your documents with Readin’s notifications feature. Users and groups can subscribe to updates on specific documents of their choice.



Document metadata for indexing, filtering, organizing and automation.



Readin automatically adapts its interface and your content to the size of the device. Whether it’s a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone, the user reading experience is optimized.


User based revision

Users can provide feedback on errors and suggest improvements in the documents from the user based revison annotations.