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Books, reference and reports

Make your books and reports stand out

While PDFs have been the go-to format for many years, there are now compelling reasons to consider using HTML and a document portal instead.

Readin Documentation Portal transforms your books and reports created in Microsoft Word automatically to a rich HTML reading experience, all organized in a professional document portal.

Accessibility and easy to read

With Readin documentation portal the readers get an web based digital book stuffed with functionality to increase the learning and reading experience. By publishing reports and handbooks on Readin document portal, you can ensure that the content is accessible to all users, regardless of their devices.

  • Reference books
  • Academic books
  • Handbooks
  • Reports
  • Learning

Start selling your books with Readin Shop

Are you writing a academic book, reference books or reports and would like to be digitally presence? The market for selling digital books are dominated by Amazon and other eBooks sites. The Book is basically a electronic copy of the paperbook and give no additional value for the readers.

As a author you should be able to concentrate your book project to writing content. If you like you could use a publisher, but they basically take more than 85% of your book sale. With Readin shop its so easy to make your own book shop and instantly sell access to your digital book on Readin documentation portal.

The problem with PDF - and how to fix it

Have you ever struggled to read a PDF document on a smartphone? Ending up with endless horizontally scrolling and zooming in and out?

When it comes to PDFs there are several issues to consider;

  • PDFs do not change size to fit the browser
  • They’re not designed for reading on screens
  • It’s harder to track their use
  • They cause difficulties for navigation and orientation
  • They’re less likely to be kept up to date

Readin document portal solves all these issues. It simply makes it easier to read documents. Dont publish your documentation in pdf.

Key features



Are you writing books that you want to sell digitally? Readin shop handles subscriptions, users, and payments.



Enhance the learning experience by incorporating questions with multiple-choice answers directly into the document. Obtain immediate feedback for optimal learning.



Readin Analytics captures users’ behavior to provide insights. The data is presented in an easy to use dashboard for data-driven decision making.


Notice of change

Update your readers of any changes to your documents with Readin’s notifications feature. Users and groups can subscribe to updates on specific documents of their choice.


Highlight text

Highlight text and track all your highlighted content.



Readin automatically adapts its interface and your content to the size of the device. Whether it’s a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone, the user reading experience is optimized.