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How to improve document portals with AI

Jan 16, 2024

The rapid advancement of AI has brought about a new wave of technological innovation, but it also raises important considerations regarding potential risks. In the context of document management, the integration of AI tools represents a significant shift in how information is processed and utilized within organizations. This article explores Docstream's ongoing development of AI tools for document portals, where the goal is to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and insights.

AI summary and compare

Docstream has been running AI projects related to document portals for an extended period of time. By delving into the benefits and functionality of these AI tools, we gain valuable insights into the transformative potential of AI in document management and the importance of reducing associated risks. The result of the study will materialize into several AI tools for our Readin document portal customers.

Soon we will introduce administration and end user functionality that makes a difference. The first to be launched are AI Summary and AI Compare.

Summary of a document

AI Summary works by analysing the full text to determine the main points and concepts of the document. It then reconstructs these into a concise yet cohesive summary.

When a new document is published or an existing document is updated, AI Summary will generate a summary of the document. There will be multiple types of summaries to choose from. Of course, you can edit and add your own flavour to the summary before it goes live on Readin document portal. The summary will be neatly displayed to the reader when accessing the document.

Compare two versions of a document

AI Compare works by analysing two versions of the same document. The result is a report that describes the differences either as prose- or structured text. There will be multiple types of reports to choose from. As a publisher in Readin document portal you can review and edit the AI-generated comparison results before it is published.

For the reader the comparison will be presented neatly when accessing a document in Readin document portal.

AI quality assurance

Taking advantage of AI does not come without risk. We have made the AI integration in such a way that it will always require human review and verification before it is published to the reader. This is to ensure content quality and safety.

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