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Do you use SharePoint and are concerned about readability?

Sep 28, 2023

Effective document management with SharePoint requires planning. With a well-thought-out strategy for document structure, you can provide a secure, efficient, and user-friendly document solution for both authors and readers.


SharePoint offers a range of features and possibilities for document management, collaboration, intranet, integrations (Teams), and more. However, when it comes to making documents accessible for reading purposes, SharePoint is rarely an optimal solution.

Instead of reading the documents in their native format as stored in Sharepoint, a dedicated web-based document portal presenting the documents in a modern web-format is a better solution.

With Readin Document Portal integrated with SharePoint, you can easily publish and transfer all types of documents into accessible content-rich web pages on the web.

Benefits of integrating the Readin Document Portal with SharePoint:

  • The documents are read in a modern web-based document portal optimized for online reading on any device (mobile devices, tablets, and PCs).
  • Effective search functionality for quickly finding desired content.
  • Readers receive notifications when a document they follow is updated.
  • Role and access control for what documents readers can view. You can create roles based on metadata, granting different access levels to various documents.
  • Low costs and easy implementation. It requires no installation (SaaS) and no internal user support.

Document Management with SharePoint and Readin

When setting-up the document management environment with SharePoint and Readin Document Portal, we focus on these four main areas:

1. Organization, Structure, and Metadata

Analyse the current situation and needs.

  • Determine document types.
  • Analyse the need for metadata for retrieval and filtering.
  • Ensure control over document sources and revisions.
  • Make sure authors/readers know where to find documents.

Set up the correct archive structure.

  • Categorize and store documents appropriately.
  • Identify active documents.

2. Access, Revisions, and Workflow

  • Define who has access to what.
  • Determine revision frequency.
  • Assign roles (authorship, approval).

3. Content

  • Quality assurance of content (styles and structure).
  • Templates for documents.
  • Move content to the appropriate place in the archive.

4. Publishing

  • Organize documents for presentation in the Readin Document Portal.
  • Templates for presentation (logo, colours, fonts).
  • Reader rights (who can read which documents).

Docstream has been working with document management for over 20 years. Among our satisfied customers we can mention ConocoPhilips, DNV, Elvia, Stortinget, and Norske Tog.

Schedule a brief online meeting (30 minutes) with us, and we can show you how SharePoint can become a highly user-friendly document portal.

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