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AI generated document summary

May 29, 2024

The Readin CMS has recently been enriched with two new AI features; “document summary” and “revision notes”. In this article we present how the “summary” feature work, how you can add additional instructions to the AI and how we used it when updating the “Readin CMS manual”.

Document summary generated by Readin AI

Readin is all about offering the best document portals for our customers, enabling them to manage, update and publish their own documentation.

Keeping the Readin technical manuals sharp and up-to-date is paramount for both us and our customers. The manuals are regularly updated and published on our own Readin resource site. Check out the Readin CMS manual along with an AI-generated summary.

How does AI generate summary?

AI can process and understand large volumes of text, extracting key information to create concise summaries. By using abstractive summarization, the AI can generate new sentences that capture the essence of the original text.

AI-generated summaries can be customized through optional instructions, allowing users to tailor the output according to their needs. These instructions can influence various aspects of the summarization process:

  • Main Focus Areas: You can ask the AI to emphasize findings and conclusions from the main topics/titles in the document.
  • Length Constraints: It is possible to set desired length limits for the summary, such as requesting a brief overview of 100 words or a more detailed 500-word summary.
  • Style and Tone: Instructions can be provided to adjust the tone (e.g., formal, informal) or style (e.g., technical, simplified) of the summary, catering to different audiences.
  • In addition, simple style instructions can be provided to indicate how the result shall be presented. E.g.:
    • "Present key points as bullet points"
    • "Present key points as numbered items".

By leveraging these instructions, the AI system can produce highly relevant and customized summaries.

Utilizing AI to generate summary in Readin CMS manual

When we documented the new AI features, it was quite obvious that we had to put them to the test and include the result into our own manuals.

For the Readin CMS manual we wanted a short and not to detailed summary. We then instructed Readin’s AI summary feature with the optional instruction: “Make it short and concise and not more than 100 words”. We found the result to be quite precise and after some minor editing we accepted it into the manual before it was published.

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