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5 reasons to use a smart document portal

Aug 23, 2023

Get up-and-running with a smart document portal that ensures that your organization's documentation is “sharp” and published through an optimised channel. Provide your users with a user-friendly and efficient document portal that makes your documents accessible, and the readers engaged.


A smart document portal should be efficient, secure, and user-friendly. Here are 5 reasons to use a smart document portal:

1. Documents are only in one place

A company's documents that are meant to be read should be accessible through one channel only, through a dedicated document portal. With their standard web browser, users can navigate, read, annotate, and work with content. A smart document portal ensures that users read updated content. Publish documents easily from SharePoint or the file explorer directly to the portal. We support multiple formats, including Word, XML, HTML, PowerPoint, and PDF.

2. Optimal readability

Readin document portals are designed for optimal readability on all devices. Content in the form of documentation is today read everywhere, even on mobile devices. Therefore, you must provide users with a dynamic format optimized for online reading, unlike page-oriented formats from Word or PDF. Through the document portal, documents are read in the web browser, already formatted for the device in use: mobile, tablet, or PC.

3. Get started quickly

Save time and resources with a fast implementation. We set up your document portal in just a few hours. After that, you're ready to publish. Publishing a document is easy and only requires a few keystrokes in the portal.

4. Customize the document portal

The document portal can be tailored to your needs. You can customize content and design for different target audiences. Customize your company's document portal according to user needs.

5. Analysis and user insights

From the document portal, you can measure and analyse how documents are used. Detailed statistics and analysis help you to ensure that documents are optimized. Instead of guessing how many, how often, and who reads the documents, you can now be certain. By knowing which documents are read and how often, you can streamline document management.

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