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Transform your SharePoint document library with Readin AI! Seamlessly connect with websites and knowledge bases of your choice to unlock a world of possibilities.

Make your documentation your biggest asset.

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Readin AI Assistant and tasks


Empower users with instant assistance and self-service capabilities. Ask questions and receive answers from your documents, always ensuring accuracy and credibility.


AI Compare works by analysing two versions of the same document. The result is a report that describes the differences either as prose- or structured text.


AI Summary works by analysing the full text to determine the main points and concepts of the document. It then reconstructs these into a concise yet cohesive summary.


Translate in the language of your choice and ensure seamless comprehension for every reader. (Coming soon).

Readin AI Easy to use

Building an AI document portal for your chosen documents has never been simpler!


Publish your documents from SharePoint


Enable AI for your documents with one click


AI assistant is ready for use

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Enhance user confidence and trust by providing references to the source document(s) within AI answers, ensuring transparency and reliability.


OpenAI is fully GDPR compliant and implements robust security measurements in order to safeguard data and user privacy.


The AI Assistant operates on a per-document basis, seamlessly integrating with site-based access control to deliver users only information they have access to.

How Readin AI works

Content Aggregation

From Readin you decide which content to be included in the AI knowledge base. You can also include external sources such as websites. As new content is published or modified, Readin continuously update the AI knowledge base.

RAG (Retrieval-Augmented ‚ÄčGeneration)

Readin analyzes the query and identifies relevant pieces of information from your Readin Documents. These pieces are then fed to the Large Language Model (LLM) along with the initial query.

Generating the Answer

The LLM is instructed to generate a comprehensive yet concise answer, relying on the information available through the RAG process. This ensures that the answer is solely based on your documentation.

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